“When you take out a loan from your credit union, it’s safe, secure, guarantees great rates, and includes the added protection of Life Savings and Loan Protection Insurance…All at no extra cost!

When you are a member of a Credit Union, your savings and loans are insured through CMFG Life Insurance Company, giving you more security than any other lending institution. You and your beneficiary are guaranteed double protection in case of death or total permanent disability.

Special Features:

  • Pays insurable balance to deceased member up to age 70
  • Service is offered at no additional cost
  • Total and permanent disability is covered if the disability started before age 60
  • The more you save the more insurance you have
  • You are insured in the event of death or dismemberment

Loan Protection Insurance

The purpose of this coverage is to provide protection for our members in their granting of loans and “peace of mind” for the members, the member’s family and the co-makers against the burden of any unpaid loans.

Life Saving Insurance

Life Savings Insurance is the name given to CMFG Life Insurance Company policies which provide insurance to members in proportion to the amount of shares they have in the credit union, up to the limits of the policy.