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Our bond is open to all employees of the Government of Jamaica, past employees of the public sector who were members of the credit union when they resigned/retired, members of other credit unions who serve public sector employees & spouses and/or children of active members.

Persons applying for membership are required to:

  1. Complete a membership application form
  2. Provide a valid Government-issued identification card & tax registration number (TRN)
  3. Provide proof of address (Utility bill, credit card/bank statement etc. – no older than 3 months)

NB: Numbers 2 & 3 must be attached below before the form is submitted.

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I do hereby revoke any previous nomination made by me and do hereby nominate the following person(s) (none of them being an Officer or Servant of the Credit Union, unless such person is the Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Child, Brother, Sister, Nephew, or Niece of me, the Nominator), to or among whom shall be transferred my property in the Credit Union, whether in Shares, Loans, Deposits, or otherwise in such proportions as is set forth below opposite their respective names.


I, further appoint the following person(s) as trustee(s) for the minor(s) nominated above until he/she attains the age of Eighteen (18) (a trustee appointed must be Eighteen (18) years or older).

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In keeping with governmental regulations, the personal information on all accounts maintained at the Credit Union MUST be updated every seven (7) years, sooner or later as may be determined by government regulators.

A member may be expelled and his/her account be closed, if he/she acts in contravention of the Co-operative Society Act and Regulations or Credit Union rules, acts in any way detrimental by interest of the Credit Union, acts in contravention of legislation pertaining to deposit taking institutions, attempts to defraud the Credit Union or is convicted of a criminal act.

Maximum upload size: 104.86MB