Plan and save for the future you want and deserve

Your financial future is our priority because we want you to see your years of hard work and disciplined saving pay off. Public Sector Employees Co-op Credit Union Ltd (PSECCU) offers savings and investment products to meet your financial goals.

Let our financial professionals help you get on the right path for retirement and any other savings and investment goals you may have. We offer some of the most attractive and competitive interest rates in the market.

It’s always the right time to start financial planning, whether you have a few extra dollars to invest or a nest egg to build, we can help you make your money grow.

Special Deposit

The special deposit is just what you are looking for. Decide on an amount to save each month or deposit your lump sums and earn an unbeatable 8% interest per annum.

Treasure Chest

This account is available to children 0-17 years & qualifies them for PEP Bursaries and Scholarships. Develop Early habit of savings. Earn 3% interest per annum.

Golden Harvest

This savings plan helps you achieve your long-term goals such as buying your dream car or house. Make monthly contributions or start with a lump sum deposit for 1 – 10 years with 7% per annum.

Fixed Deposit

Invest and watch your money grow. We offer convenient 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 1 year terms to help you manage your finances. Earn up to 2.5% per annum. Conditions apply.

Christmas Club

Christmas is all about giving and the CHRISTMAS CLUB is a reliable source for taking care of all your shopping needs for the festive season. This account attracts 3% interest per annum.

Regular Savings

You can have your salary or portion of it deposited to this account on a monthly basis. It also allows you the flexibility to make withdrawals at any multilink ATM that is convenient to you. An interest of 1% is paid on this account per annum.

Ordinary Shares

This is the main account for Credit Union members, and provides the gateway for a wide range of services available at PSECCU. This account also allows members to qualify for loan products and services.

Permanent Shares

This is shares issued at no par value which forms a part of the Credit Union’s capital. Each member is required to hold a minimum of $3,000.00 Permanent Shares. This account also attracts yearly dividends.

Deferred Shares

This is shares issued at no par value that should be held for not less than 5 years. This share account strengthens the Credit Union’s capital and pays attractive interest per year.